The Dome School

2022-2023 Student Enrollment Info!

Hello Students and Families! We are so excited for another wonderful school year. Here is everything you need to know for the tuition and parent hours and discounts for 2023-2024!

Questions or excited to enroll your student? Contact:

The Dome School

PO Box 812
Cave Junction, OR 97523

(541) 592-3911

Tuition and Parent Hours for 2023-2024:

There are monthly parent hours in addition to tuition, which may be either worked or paid for at minimum wage, which is $14.20 per hour. You may work some and pay for some.

Preschool tuition is $200 plus 4 hours or $56.80 extra per month; total $256.80 if you pay for them all.

Kindergarten tuition is $300 plus 6 hours or $85.20 extra per month, total $85.20 if you pay for them all.

Elementary tuition is $400 plus 8 hours or $113.60 per month, total $513.60 if you pay for them all.

There is a $10 per month family discount for an additional child and maximum of 10 required parent hours per month.

Payment and deposit details:

The registration fee is a month’s tuition, which will be applied to the last month of school, May 2024. Registration fees secure a space for your child and are non-refundable. Bills will go out for September tuition including the fee for parent hours if they’re not done ahead of time, but you can get retroactive credit if you do the hours later. This way you’re always a month ahead.

School Days/Times:
Preschool is Tuesday and Thursday, from 9:30-1:00

Kindergarten is Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 9:30-3:00

Elementary is Monday through Thursday, from 9:30-3:00

Optional breakfast for all students from 9-9:25