The Dome School

Takilma Community Building

TCBIn addition to being the home of the Dome School, the Takilma Community Building (TCB) is a community gathering space and local event center, nestled in the woods approximately 9 miles south of Cave Junction. The TCB also serves as home to the Takilma Food Co-op.

Numerous fundraisers and events are held here every year, and the 40′ by 60′ hall is available for private rentals. Tables, chairs, and a stage are included in building rentals. For an additional fee, we have a sound system, as well as a commercial kitchen available for use. In addition, locals know this is the place to go to rent tables and chairs, sound equipment, or stage pieces, for their own weddings, anniversaries, and birthday parties.

If you’d like to rent the space, or any of the TCB furniture for your off-site event, please contact our rental coordinator at 541-592-3911.

Before the crowd

By the way. we’re excited that we just completed a major expansion of the TCB. The end result is a tremendous increase in the ability of the community to utilize the building. Click here to learn more about the need for the expansion.

To give a sense of what goes on around here, this is a list of recent and/or forthcoming events at the Takilma Community Building (FYI: this list does not include the numerous rentals of our commercial kitchen, nor of furniture, stage, or sound equipment rentals for off-site events). Please check our Facebook page page for more events and to find ways to get involved!

10/29/2022 Dome of the Dead (Event Page)

6/5/2022 Trivia Brunch (Event Page)

3/12/2022 The Women’s Café (Event page)

2/26/2022 Mardi Gras 2022 (Event Page)

12/31/2021 New Year’s Celebration (Event Page)

12/11/2021 Annual Winter Bazaar (Event Page)

2/22/2020 Mardi Gras 2020 Dome School Benefit ( Event Page | Facebook | Eventbrite | KXCJ | Eventful | )

12/31/2019 New Year’s Eve Party & Gingerbread Burn (Event Page | Facebook)

12/7 – 12/8 2019 Winter Bazaar Holiday Craft Fair

11/2/19 Dome Of The Dead

3/16/19 27th Annual A Woman’s Cafe

3/2/19 18th Annual Mardi Gras Masked Ball

2/16/19  The Vagina Monologues

2/10/19Champagne Brunch & Silent Art Auction

2/1 & 2/19 9th IV Whirlwind Play Festival: Choose Your Own Adventure

1/19/19 14th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration

12/31/18 New Year’s Eve Dance and Gingerbread Burn

12/22/18 Winter Solstice Dance

11/10/18  Windsong concert, with special guests David Kai & Sunrise

11/3/18 Dome of the Dead Halloween Dance

10/27/18 Samhain Ceremony w/Soriah, Myth & Memory, and more

10/13/18 Harvest Party

9/6/18  Freddy & Francine in Concert

8/11/18  Ben Rice Band in Concert

7/19/18 Community Fire Information meeting

6/23/18 Dark Fire Summer Solstice

5/5/18 Frida and the Colors of Passion play

4/28/18  Takilma Community Building Grand Re-Opening

4/14/18  Hope Mountain Barter Faire Volunteer Round-Up

3/10/18 26th Annual A Woman’s Cafe

2/24/18 Alice DiMicele in Concert

2/18/18  Pancake Breakfast and Bingo

2/10/18 17th annual Mardi Gras Masked Ball

1/20/18  13th Annual Martin Luther King Jr Celebration

12/31/18 New Year’s Eve Party & Gingerbread Burn

12/2 & 3/17  35th Annual Winter Holiday Bazaar

11/16/17  Dome School Annual Meeting & Board Elections

11/4/17  Day of the Dead Dance Benefit

10/31/17  Kids’ Halloween Potluck Party (open to community)

10/28/17  Local Foods Dinner (fundraiser for Frog Farm)

10/7/17 The Schwag Grateful Dead Experience (21+ concert)

9/28/17  Hope Mountain Barter Faire Annual Meeting

8/13/17  RiverStars Public Workshops: Tending the Body Garden & Tending the Community Garden

8/12/17  Hope Mountain Fire Informational Meeting

7/28/17  Rumkee Mountain Boys

5/25/17  Dome School Graduation

5/19-20/17  Seventh Illinois Valley Whirlwind Play Festival

4/22/17 Earth Day Celebration with Eight Dollar Mountain

4/12/17  Public Safety Levy Forum with Sheriff Dave Daniel

3/11/17  25th Annual A Women’s Cafe

2/25/17  16th Annual Mardi Gras Masked Ball

2/19/17  Agnes Baker Pilgrim Visit & Book Signing

2/4-5/17  “Out of Hibernation” – Sixth Illinois Valley Whirlwind Play Festival

1/14/17  12th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration

12/31/16 Annual New Year’s Eve Party & Gingerbread Burn

12/3 & 4/16  34th Annual Winter Holiday Bazaar

11/12/16  Dome School 40th Birthday Party, featuring Brother

10/29/16  Annual Halloween Dance

10/22/16 Big Fun Band concert, a benefit for Hearts & Hooves

10/1/16 Takilma Folk Faire

9/24/16  Birthday Party and Fundraiser for Grandma Aggie

9/16/16 Intuitive Compass concert

8/7/16  2nd Annual Elders Day Celebration (honoring our community Elders)

8/6/16  Private birthday party rental

7/2/16  IV High 30th Reunion

5/26/16  Dome School Graduation

5/20/16 KS Wild’s Wild Rivers Night – Dinner, Movies, & Music

5/13/16  “This is Our Moment” – Fourth IV Whirlwind Play Festival

5/4/16 Freddy & Francine, fundraiser for KXCJ

4/16/16  Dome School Open House & Potluck

4/8/16  Takilma Walk-In Cinema:Â Rajneeshpuram and Short Term 12

3/19/16  Spring Fling with Frankie Hernandez (Barter Faire Fundraiser)

3/12/16  24th Annual Women’s Cafe

3/4/16  Takilma Walk-In Cinema: Sweet Dreams and 1971

2/20/16  Skate Park Benefit Phase 2

2/14/16  Valentine Brunch & Dance, featuring Tim & Michelle

2/6/16  15th Annual Mardi Gras Masked Ball, featuring Colonel Mustard

1/16/16  11th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr Celebration

12/18/15  Takilma Walk-In Cinema: Muscle Shoals plus selected shorts

12/17/15  Dome School Elementary Choir Concert

12/11/15 The Moon Dances, a solstice celebration

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