The Dome School

We are Hiring! 2022-2023 Elementary Teacher

We are seeking an Elementary Teacher. Apply by April 30th . Interviews will be conducted and new teachers will shadow current teachers for 1-3 days in the classroom mid-May!

Resumes can be emailed to or Dropped off at the Dome School Office.

More than 45 years educating the whole child

The Dome School is more than a school, it is a family. The school is located inside the Takilma Community Building, which hosts numerous concerts, plays, gatherings, and other creative and celebratory events throughout the year. Some events serve as school fundraisers to offset the low cost of tuition, while other events are hosted by community members, who have long valued the Takilma Community Building as the cultural center of the artistic and unique community of Takilma, Oregon.


The Dome School works hand-in-hand with families to ignite a lifelong love of learning and a deep caring for the diversity of humanity and the natural world. By weaving together school, family and community, we create a sense of belonging that empowers children to be leaders in a changing world.


  1. Teach the whole child: body, mind, and spirit
  2. Create a positive, warm, welcoming, and nurturing learning environment for students
  3. Incorporate thematic learning that is based on children’s preferences, interests, and abilities
  4. Value unstructured play, creativity, and community-building as integral to the school day
  5. Use inquiry-based education techniques to foster discovery, creativity, communication, and teamwork so that students understand concepts instead of just memorizing information  
  6. Use non-violent conflict resolution techniques to help children learn from mistakes instead of punishing them for their mistakes
  7. Group children into small, multi-level, multi-grade classrooms to encourage children to learn from one another as well as from teachers
  8. Emphasize the development of children’s self-esteem and self-regulation
  9. Continue the Dome School tradition as a parent cooperative
  10. Provide home-cooked, nutritious meals
  11. Treat every child as a unique, creative, intelligent, and capable individual

Your Role

PositionElementary Teacher
Direct SupervisorThe board of directors is responsible for employment decisions; however, on a day-to-day basis teachers do not have a direct supervisor. Staff at the Dome School work cooperatively to develop themes, provide guidance and support one another, and work together to support students’ academic, creative, social-emotional and physical development.

Job Summary

The Elementary Co-Teacher is responsible for 9-18 children in grades 1-5, with support from colleagues, Title 1 staff, parents and community teachers. The Elementary Program is located in two classrooms: the Serpentine Room (lower elementary) and the Amethyst Room (upper elementary). The school week is tentatively scheduled for Monday-Thursday, and the school day is from 9:30am to 3:00pm (with breakfast available 9-9:30am). Morning Instruction is 9:30-11:45am, Lunch & Recess 11:45am-12:45pm, and Afternoon Instruction 12:45pm-3:00pm. Teachers supervise Lunch & Recess. The teacher workday begins at 8am and ends at 3:30pm (7.5 hours daily, or 30 hours weekly). The school year begins in early September and concludes at the end of May.

General Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop curriculum for a variety of learning styles, including the purchase and creation of curriculum materials that emphasize creative, thematic-based learning.
  • Collaborate with co-teacher(s) daily to ensure curriculum consistency across both classrooms and co-plan opportunities for the entire elementary class.
  • Use classroom observation and student input to develop lessons based on student interests.
  • Embrace teachable moments and give students choices in many situations to allow them to have some control in their education and help them learn to make authentic choices.
  • Guide students in developing conflict-management skills and other social skills.
  • Encourage students to manage impulsivity, practice mindfulness, think critically, develop persistence, take responsible risks, and follow their creativity.
  • Support the “whole child” (mind, body, spirit) and help children develop all their intelligences (intrapersonal, interpersonal, linguistic, logical-mathematical, spatial, musical, bodily-kinesthetic, and naturalistic intelligences).
  • Assess student growth in ways that are not stressful or judgmental.
  • Use appropriate positive discipline techniques instead of punishments.
  • Practice patience, grace, kindness, compassion, and good humor.
  • Create a warm, nurturing environment where children feel safe to make mistakes.
  • Unconditionally love and support each child.
  • Collaborate with parents as part of the parent cooperative history of the school.
  • Collaborate with community volunteers, including those who teach the arts or special skills.
  • Design and maintain an organized and stimulating classroom environment that fosters teamwork, cooperation, and peer-to-peer sharing/learning.
  • Order school supplies through co-administrators.
  • Supervise lunch and recess daily.
  • Conduct parent-teacher conferences twice annually.
  • Attend and contribute to monthly staff meetings.
  • Attend staff training and contribute to monthly staff meetings.
  • Prepare the classroom in late August for the first day of school.
  • Clean, reorganize, and pack the classroom at the end of the school year in May.
  • If possible, attend Dome School functions throughout the year.
  • Start a fire for the furnace on your assigned day, learn how to use the alarm system and other basic building functions.
  • Abide by Covid-19 protocols as directed by the Oregon Health Authority.

Benefits of Co-Teaching at The Dome School

  • Teachers are part of a community with a long and creative history.
  • Teaching multi-grade, small classes are more intimate, where “everyone knows everyone.” This allows teachers to know their students for multiple years and develop strong, meaningful relationships with them.
  • Teachers have the autonomy to craft and choose their own curriculum, as well as collaboratively find and develop curriculum with their co-teacher(s). Teachers have the freedom to incorporate learning standards in creative ways and can make learning interactive and fun.
  • Because teachers guide students throughout the day, they have the power to connect student learning across disciplines.
  • Learning times are more intimate and informal than those at public schools and are not constrained by school bells. At the Dome School, Teachers can seize teachable moments, teach outdoors, and even take students on educational hikes from the school building.
  • Learning is treated as a fun process instead of as stressful competition to get the best test scores.
  • There isn’t pressure to push academics at very young ages; children are allowed to grow and develop skills at their own pace.

Education and Skill Requirements

  • A high school diploma/GED is required. 
  • An Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree is preferable or the equivalent combination of education, training, and work experience. A small wage increase is provided for teachers with college degrees.
  • Flexibility, creativity, and enthusiasm (sing, dance, be playful and have fun).

An update of current events at the Dome School/ TCB, what happened during Covid and what it’s like now:

There are many things to be thankful for. Sustaining us through the year-and-a-half closure included the Cans for Kids program sponsored by IVCanDo, with donations of refundable bottles and cans. Board members, staff, parents and community members have volunteered to sort at these events, roughly once a month.  It’s been a lifesaver and our biggest fundraiser.

The Dome School/Takilma Community Building was gifted a brand-new, state-of-the-art wood furnace by Todd Stone, replacing the original which gave many good years of service but was wearing out. It was installed by Board Chair Mark Kelz and Community Volunteer Kerry Whitehead. It works spectacularly, keeping us warm and cozy.

We are fortunate to have received a grant from the Four-Way Community Foundation to upgrade our fire alarm system. To complete the project, we are awaiting parts which have been stalled near the port of Los Angeles.

We were lucky enough to receive a PPP (paycheck protection program) Loan as an emergency government grant, which has since been forgiven. This grant enabled the staff to sort, clean, organize and plan for several months through spring and part of the summer. It was wonderful to be able to come together again after being disbanded for a year. We’re grateful to have a dedicated staff with a supportive Board.

Low enrollment, mostly due to Covid issues, has been another big strain on our budget.  Tuition has always been the greatest source of income and we are struggling until we can approach normal levels of students.

The other big financial strain on the Dome School/TCB has been the fact that we have been unable to use our beautiful building for ANY fundraising events. Normally over a third of our budget comes from our concerts, dances and rentals.  As Covid restrictions ease we will be trying to begin once again having fundraising events, but we are currently far behind the former levels and the future of the pandemic is still in doubt.  

As we try to regain our pre-pandemic equilibrium we are regretfully once again asking friends and family to pitch in if they can to help get us through this school year successfully.  We need to be able to pay teachers and staff so that our kids can continue to learn and grow in our nurturing educational environment.

Warm Regards,

The Dome School Board and Staff

Takilma community rallies to raise money to help the Dome School survive prolonged school closure

The Dome School

After launching GoFundMe campaign on Giving Tuesday, $3,415 of the $22,500 goal has been raised


Takilma, OR — For over 40 years The Dome School and Takilma Community Building have been at the heart of the Takilma community, educating generations of children and supporting the region.

In addition to being a school, it has served as a gathering space and local event center, nestled in the woods approximately 9 miles south of Cave Junction, Oregon.

Community-funded and operated, the Dome School is no stranger to tight budgets. But the prolonged school closure due to the pandemic has the organization and community center fighting to stay afloat.

On Giving Tuesday last week, supporters of the Dome School launched a GoFundMe campaign to help it survive this period and open back up when it’s able to.

Since the campaign went live 5 days ago, 31 people from across Josephine County, Oregon, and the country have contributed, raising $3,415 of the $22,500 goal.

“Not only is the Dome School a beloved and highly effective educational institution, it is the glue that holds together this 50-year-old, close-knit community,” said Kate Dwyer, Takilma resident and Board Member of the Three Rivers School District and the Takilma Community Association.

Due to physical distancing restrictions, the Dome School has not been able to run most of its annual fundraisers that would normally keep the school solvent. In the past, it’s survived through various fundraisers like the Dome of the Dead halloween fundraiser, Women’s Cafe in the spring, Winter Bizarre, and building rentals. None of these have been possible this year.

For many years the Dome School has worked hand-in-hand with families as a non-profit, parent co-operative PreSchool, and Elementary School to ignite a lifelong love of learning and a deep caring for the diversity of humanity and the natural world. By weaving together school, family, and community,the Dome School has created a sense of belonging that empowers children to be leaders in a changing world.

But 2020 has stopped the school right in its tracks.

The school and community gathering place, a host to a number of different needs and functions including the local food co-op, has been closed and hasn’t heard the pitter-patter of children’s feet since the pandemic led to closures in March.

While the school and buildings have been closed, the community of people it’s created over the years was still able to unite during the Slater Fire. Volunteers from around the area stepped up to cook, feed, and support the brave fire fighters and responders that worked tirelessly to keep Josephine County safe.

“The Dome School is a vital part of our community and history. It’s where we teach our kids and come together as a community. The school relies on tuition and community fundraisers to survive financially. Since March 2020 there has been no school or fundraisers,” said Jennifer Folkerts, whose 6-year-old daughter attends the school and is eager to return.

“We need to do everything we can to support the Dome School during this pandemic – so there’s still a school for our kids to return to.”


2022 Women’s Cafe – March 12th

Womens Cafe


The Dome School will present its annual “Women’s Café” on *Saturday, March
12. *It is a fine and performing arts show by women from all over Southern
Oregon in celebration of “National Women’s History Month”.

The art show will take place from *noon – 2 p.m.* Food will be available
for purchase at that time.

*Performances will be from 2-4:30 p.m*. This event is open to all, but
young children are discouraged due to delicate artwork and mature topics.

There is a sliding scale admission of $8.00 – $15.00. Food and drinks will
be sold separately. If you would like to be involved or need more
information, call the Dome School in Takilma at (541) 592-3911 or Deb
Murphy 541-592-9593

ART WORK needs to be at Dome School by *no later than NOON on Friday.*

As we have been doing this for decades you know we need: artists,
performers, bakers, chefs, servers, chair arrangers, art curators, cleaners
& more…. e.g. an audience!

Indeed, it takes a whole village to build a Women’s Café Show!

I hope folks will help out. I am very excited!!I hope you are too!

Deb Murphy

2018 Bazaar is Dec 1 & 2

Yes, it’s the Dome School’s 36th (!) annual Winter Holiday Bazaar, happening Saturday, December 1 and Sunday, December 2, at your Takilma Community Building. Saturday hours are 10am-5pm. Sunday hours are 10am-4pm.

winter bazaar 2018

Visitors can expect crafts, books, blown glass, herbals, farm products, jewelry, baked goods, note cards, dolls and dollhouses, sculptures, ceramics, knitted and crocheted goods, ornaments, wreaths, bird houses, wooden boxes and bowls, leather goods, pillows, purses, beeswax candles, and much more. The event features live music and raffle prizes. Breakfast and lunch and other food will be available too.


And please don’t forget: this is a fundraiser for the Dome School. At our Dome School table, you’ll be able to find t-shirts, ball caps and beanies, bumper stickers, calendars from Syracuse Cultural Workers, and also Takilma Common Ground anthologies. Please consider supporting the school with your purchases.

We’ll hope to see you all (t)here!

Secondary program news! (hiring and website)

Two quick updates for our Secondary Program:

First, we have a new website! Check it out at . We’ll hope to add new content at least every few weeks, so be sure to check back to learn more about the class.

Second, we’re hiring! Yes, we’re looking for someone with an interest in alternative education and working with an amazing group of kids. Here’s the flyer with more information (below). Please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!

2018 hiring notice

Announcing our “Support” page

Well that was a grand time last night! Our grand re-opening of the Takilma Community Building was an amazing time had by all. Two brilliant bands–the Nomads of Bend and the Illinois Valley’s own Grin Hound. Delicious Lebanese dinner courtesy Steph and the Galloping Goose. The cake from Nia and /’keIk/.  Not to mention the amazing history all around the great room, with the photography of Dr. Jim Shames. New t-shirts with Dallion’s design. Silent Auction. Ribbon-cutting. Tours. And more!

One thing we’d like to highlight here, however, is the announcement of our new monthly giving program. You can set up your bank or credit card to give a small monthly donation to public radio and the library and other places–why not the Dome School?  The short version is this: head to and you can pledge $5 or $10 or more to join all your much larger bills.

The longer version can be found at our new “Support” page here on the website. The top of the page details the monthly program, but if you scroll down, you can find other ways to support the school–many that won’t cost you any additional money. Programs at Fred Meyer, Office Depot, and Amazon allow you to designate the Dome School to receive a small bonus each time you shop. And this doesn’t take away from any points you may earn for yourself!  Please check out the SUPPORT page and consider supporting the school. Thanks!


Save the Date: TCB Grand Opening [April 28, 2018]

IMG_0949Please join us Saturday, April 28, to celebrate the grand re-opening of the NEW Takilma Community Building, featuring 2 new classrooms, a new library, and additional bathrooms.

This is a free event; we are asking for NO ADMISSION. Yes, normally we ask for a fee, but this is our gift to the community to THANK YOU for your support of our building expansion project. Thank you! (That said, dinner will be an extra charge, if you wish to dine during the event.)

For music, we have confirmed two eclectic bands. First, the Nomads of Bend! The Nomads provide a fusion of traditional Balkan and Middle Eastern music, and they are always ready for a party! You’ll definitely want to bring your dancing shoes. Second, playing into the wee hours, will be GRIN HOUND. Some words they use to describe themselves: “Doo Slop / Sound & Fury / Rock ‘n’ Roll Yowls spinnin’ Ghost Yarns.” Yes, this will be a night of music the likes of which you maybe perhaps probably have never heard before.

TCB FINAL 40418_smDinner will be a treat too! The Galloping Goose presents a Middle Eastern meal, with three main dishes to choose from: Lebanese Chicken, Goat Kibbe (Lebanese meatloaf), or Falafel. Also, fresh flatbreads, an array of seasonal sides. $20 per whole meal, or a la cart build your own dinner. Trust us, it will be well worth it to arrive early for dinner, and the Galloping Goose will donate a portion of the proceeds to the TCB building expansion. And bonus: for dessert, we’ll have Kate Dwyer’s famous baklava as well!

And did we mention a beer tent? Yes, it’s a special occasion, so why not offer the opportunity to enjoy a glass of wine or a cold beer in an adult-only space. But lest you think this is the typical party focused on the adults, we are planning a kids space too, with activities just for the young’ers.

Here’s the schedule of activities/events, to be updated as we can:


3 – 5 pm: Tours of the new TCB

5pm:  Ribbon Cutting Ceremony & Cake Cutting (cake courtesy /keɪk/ ) 

5 pm until sold out: The Galloping Goose presents a Middle Eastern/Lebanese Dinner 

6 pm – Midnight: Beer Tent Open

7 – 10pm Free Concert: NOMADS of BEND

10:30 pm Free Concert: GRIN HOUND


  • Historic Photo Display (courtesy Dr. Jim Shames)
  • Supervised Kid Space, with activities
  • Silent Auction
  • Brand New Takilma Community Building T-shirts (design courtesy Dallion)
  • The Release of Volume 3 of the Takilma Common Ground Anthology


We’ll hope to see you all (t)here for the festivities, on Saturday, April 28.


Rummage Sale this weekend [6 May 2017]


This very coming Saturday, May 6, we’re having a big Rummage Sale at the County Building in Cave Junction (102 S. Redwood Highway). Come on down from 9am-4pm, and find something new-to-you: clothes, books, toys, household items, furniture–something for everyone.

We’ll also have street tacos and sweets for sale, so you won’t have to run away to score some sustenance while browsing the bevy of books or perusing the plethora of pots and pants.

This is a fundraiser for our school programs, including our expansion of the Takilma Community Building. Please come out to support our school and community.

Note: If you have clean gently-used items you’d like to donate to the rummage sale, please bring them to the county building on Friday, May 5, between 3 and 6pm. Thank you!



Announcing the 30/50/70 Campaign

The Takilma Community Building Expansion’s

30/50/70 Campaign (Apr 22-June 30)

(or 30 Ways to Help Us Raise $50K in ~ 70 Days)

We have reached a critical point in fundraising for the Takilma Community Building. We’re still approx $75,000 short of our goal. The good news is that we have a lead on a few large-ish donations we can maybe expect soon. But that still leaves a solid $50,000 or more, and if we don’t have it soon, the expansion will not be finished in time for the next school year. Worse, we will owe a penalty to the contractor. The community’s support is essential at this time. But we don’t want to keep asking for donations without giving something back. And so, we are launching our 30/50/70 campaign, with 30 ways for you to give and get something in return.

ALL of these will benefit the community building expansion. (Click here to download the PDF with a handy checklist, or click here to learn more about the need for the expansion.) Thank you so much for your support!!

1. Rock out on Earth Day, Saturday, April 22. We’ll kick off our fundraising blitz at this great event. Free from 4-6pm, but when the headliners go on, your admission supports the TCB.

2. Take something home. At the aforementioned Earth Day event, we’re having a silent auction. Why not bid on a unique piece of art, a gift certificate, or more? NOTE: Items 1 and 2 raised more than $850 for the building expansion. Thank you–we’re on our way.

3. Get flower power. Why trek to GP when you can get bulbs delivered right to you and support the building expansion at the same time. Spring bulbs available until May 1, then Fall bulbs available. Order via the link at NOTE: This fundraiser raised $347. Thank you!

4. Get a good price on something new-to-you. On Saturday, May 6, come out to our Rummage Sale at the County Building in Cave Junction, 9am-4pm. Clothes, books, toys, household items, and more. We’ll have street tacos and sweets for sale too.  NOTE: The rummage sale was a success. Thanks to everyone who came and supported. We’ll update you soon on how much was raised. 

5. Celebrate Mom. On Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 14, from 10am-2pm, Diggin’ Livin’ is offering a special Mother’s Day Brunch Menu. They’re donating 5% of Deli Sales to the expansion. Even if Mom is in another state and you just want to pick up a smoothie or a fresh baked pastry, stop in and support the TCB.  (Thanks, Joy and Eric!)  NOTE: A fine time had by all (how about them apple pie waffles?). More soon on this fundraiser.

6. Enjoy local theater.  The 7th IV Whirlwind Play Fest is happening on May 20 at 6pm. For this special performance, which will happen at Frog Farm following the Skill Share, the Whirlwind PlayFest people will put any donations toward the TCB expansion. (Thanks, Kaci!)

7. Cover your head. Perhaps you’ve seen people sporting those cool ‘Takilma’ and ‘Dome School’ trucker caps (and how about the ones with just dragonflies!). Get yours at the Dome School office or Barter Faire.

8. Try to win BIG. Our BIG Raffle is limited to 100 tickets, available at $50 each. Grand prize is $2000 with five $100 winners. Winners announced June 24 at Barter Faire. Full info: NOTE: As of May 15, we’ve sold 23 tickets, so we’re on our way. (Only 77 to go!) 

9. Get the Takilma Common Ground Anthology combining the first 25 issues. $10 from each $20 purchase goes to the TCB. Available at the school/TCB office during school hours (M-F 9am-3pm). (Thanks, Alan and Rachel!)

10. Get more Takilma Common Ground. Volume 2, combining the second 25 issues, will be here in June. 100+ pages bigger than Volume 1, it will cost slightly more at $22. But pre-pay now and save $2 (Thanks, Rachel and Alan!)

11. Unload your bottles and cans. Bottle deposit are now 10 cents. Let us take them off your hands, and turn them into $ for the TCB. Through June. Drop off at school (near wood pile).

12. Eat peanuts. Visit the Galloping Goose booth Friday nights at the CJ Farmers Market. They are raising funds for our expansion with sales of fresh roasted peanuts. (Thanks, Steph!)

13. Eat Blueberries. Ida’s Blueberries, that is. Check out for more info and to get early notification of sales. (Thanks, Ida!)

14. Doodle. Through July, Left Fork Books is donating profits from sales of The Doodle, Design, & Draw Book for Illinois Valley Kids of All Ages. The $7 book is available at select IV locales, including the Southern Oregon Guild and the Dome School office. (Thanks, Ryan!)

15. Smile! The Amazon Smile program gives an extra bonus while you shop Amazon. Start at and enter Dome School as your chosen charity. Similarly, you can connect your Fred Meyer card online, so we get a bonus when you shop (and these do not take away from your own rewards–it’s a bonus that you can support us!).

16. Reduce and Recycle. We’re collecting old printer cartridges, cell phones, tablets, and laptops, which we can turn into funding. Bring them by the school office anytime.

17. Honor a loved one. By having a room in our addition named in their honor. Gather friends and family and bundle your contributions together.

18. Help secure land for the community. The Takilma Community Association is negotiating to purchase adjacent land. You can donate to the TCA, to help purchase this land and ensure it is remains in its natural state (and if the sale goes through, the seller plans to donate proceeds to the TCB expansion!)

19. Enjoy Barter Faire. We’ll have a booth with assorted goodies. So come on out June 23-24-25 to help us celebrate the 15th Hope Mountain Barter Faire.

20. Rent the building. Want to rent the building sometime down the road? Pay ahead and get a discount. We get funds now when we need it; you save money on your rental down the road. Contact Jenn at 592-3911 to discuss.

21. Drink the Lemonade. This is not before our goal of June 30, but we know we’ll still need to be raising money through the summer. So head to Out N’ About for the Turning Moon Fest on August 4 and check out our planned smoothie and lemonade booth.

Yes, that’s only 21 so far. We’ll be adding more over the next 2 months, so please check back periodically. Thank you!