The Dome School

Philosophy & Mission

posterAt the Dome School, we strive to work with the whole child.  We are concerned with helping children develop their academic potential, but are equally concerned with their social and emotional development. We want children to be able to be creative and allow their natural curiosity to thrive.  The challenge we face as teachers is to respond to each child and meet his or her needs.

Teachers are facilitators who encourage discovery and exploration while fostering good communication skills.


The Dome School works hand in hand with families to ignite a lifelong love of learning and a deep caring for the diversity of humanity and the natural world.  By weaving together school, family and community, we create a sense of belonging that empowers children to be leaders in a changing world.

The Dome School:

• Teaches the whole child
• Uses a thematic curriculum
• Uses conflict resolution
• Has multi-level classrooms
 Stresses self-esteem
 Uses community members as mentors
 Is a parent cooperative
 Teaches non-violent solutions to problems
 Teaches every child as a unique individual

In addition to our school mission, the Dome School serves as caretakers of the Takilma Community Building. Our primary function is coordinating events and building uses for the benefit of Takilma and the greater Illinois Valley. To this end, we coordinate and manage all maintenance and upkeep for the facility as well as for the outdoors playground, which is open to the community.

The Dome School has a non-discriminatory policy concerning gender, race, color, creed, religion, and national and ethnic origin.