The Dome School

Announcing our “Support” page

Well that was a grand time last night! Our grand re-opening of the Takilma Community Building was an amazing time had by all. Two brilliant bands–the Nomads of Bend and the Illinois Valley’s own Grin Hound. Delicious Lebanese dinner courtesy Steph and the Galloping Goose. The cake from Nia and /’keIk/.  Not to mention the amazing history all around the great room, with the photography of Dr. Jim Shames. New t-shirts with Dallion’s design. Silent Auction. Ribbon-cutting. Tours. And more!

One thing we’d like to highlight here, however, is the announcement of our new monthly giving program. You can set up your bank or credit card to give a small monthly donation to public radio and the library and other places–why not the Dome School?  The short version is this: head to and you can pledge $5 or $10 or more to join all your much larger bills.

The longer version can be found at our new “Support” page here on the website. The top of the page details the monthly program, but if you scroll down, you can find other ways to support the school–many that won’t cost you any additional money. Programs at Fred Meyer, Office Depot, and Amazon allow you to designate the Dome School to receive a small bonus each time you shop. And this doesn’t take away from any points you may earn for yourself!  Please check out the SUPPORT page and consider supporting the school. Thanks!